Management Improvement Carnival #49

The management carnival provides links to some great recent posts. Also see the management Reddit, which is a social media site for those interested in management. Submit your suggestions for future management carnivals.

  • Lean at ThedaCare, LeanBlog Podcast with Dr. John Toussaint, by Mark Graban – “In this podcast Dr. Toussaint looks back at ThedaCare’s accomplishments, reflects on their journey, and shares his advice for other hospitals.”
  • Survive to Make Money or Make Money to Survive? by John Shook – “Taken together, that all represents the difference in developing the organizational capabilities that enable dynamic adaptation to changes in the environment. And that all stems from a different sense of purpose — the difference between surviving to make money and making money to survive.”
  • Keeping Your Business Out of Debt – “One of the biggest reasons why small businesses fail is that they are not paying enough attention where their cash is either going or being held up. The result is that they fail to recognize and react to an impending cash crisis”
  • Kanban simulation by Corey Ladas – “It’s still fun to watch, and gives you some sense of how planning can be implemented in a pull system using minimum marketable features, rolling wave planning, and staged delivery.”
  • You Can’t Threaten People to Be Happy by Frank Roche – “They’re being warned that if morale doesn’t increase, and if their griping doesn’t end, there will be repercussions. I couldn’t make this up. Yeah, you know what works? Telling people to be happy while the friggin company is falling to pieces. That always works”
  • Thoughts on Communication Poka Yoke by Kevin Meyer – “There’s got to be a better, safer way. If cops can communicate to squad cars using electronic messages to onboard laptops, you’d think high tech aircraft could too.”
  • The Sole of a New Machine by Guy Kawasaki – “I recently visited Zappos and learned lesson #2: Make your company a fun and interesting place to work.” [previous Curious Cat post: Paying New Employees to Quit]
  • About Visual Management by Lee Fried – “At first, having a cadence for checking is essential. If the manager and the manager of the manager don’t take the time to come often to check the visuals and to provide feedback to the team it is unlikely that the visual system will be effective.”
  • The 12 Best Questions for Team Members by Jurgen Appelo – “8. Do you feel that your job is important? Do you understand how your work is a significant part of the value your organization tries to create?”
  • Helping our Friend from Down Under by Ron Pereira – “Go to Gemba. The thing that separates the pretenders from the contenders is the willingness of management to get up from their big office and comfy chairs in order to head to the place the actual work is done.”
  • Information Technology and Business Process Support by John Hunter – “many organizations would benefit from increasing the resources to IT and shifting the focus from passive supplier to active participant in using information technology to meet business needs. This requires staffing IT with some people that are able to work with others to determine business needs and then determine the best IT solutions and then deliver those solutions.”

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