Not Exactly Lean Packaging

HP shatters excessive packaging world record (17 boxes to protect 32 A4 sheets of paper)

Stephen said: “Imagine our excitement as we opened it, hoping against hope that it might contain a copy of some c-class virtual connect firmware that actually works.”

Sadly not. What the ├╝berbox did contain was 16 smaller boxes “which in turn [each] contained (wrapped in foam so they wouldn’t get broken) exactly two sheets of A4 paper”

It is hard to imagine what management system creates such solutions. But it is not hard to image Dilbert’s pointy haired boss fitting right in there.

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One Response to Not Exactly Lean Packaging

  1. david foster says:

    Funny and pathetic.

    “It is hard to imagine what management system creates such solutions”…I imagine a management system under which shipping and packaging costs are not allocated to product line P&L managers–OR are allocated at a % of revenue rather than based on actual activities–OR a system in which product line P&Ls do not exist.

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