Management Blog Posts from July 2005

photo of John Hunter in Olympic National Park
  • Fast Company Interview: Jeff Immelt – “I don’t see any reason why managers in the past shouldn’t have had the qualities he seems to be saying are needed now. And I don’t see any reason why the qualities needed now were not needed in the past.”
  • Curious Cat Travels: Olympic National Park and Mt. St. Helens – the photo above is me in Olympic National Park.
  • Management is Prediction – “I believe Deming’s thoughts about prediction are most effectively put into action using the PDSA cycle. Specifically, you must predict what the results in the planning phase (prior to piloting improvements). I find that this is rarely done.”
  • New Toyota CEO’s Views – quote of CEO, Katsuaki Watanabe “Management has to visit the shop floor and gain first-hand experience of what’s taking place. We need to look at the manufacturing processes, listen to voices, and clearly recognize problems.”

A couple more: Managing FearBezos on Lean ThinkingCould Toyota Fix GMSaving Lives: US Health Care Improvement

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