Getting and Keeping Great Employees

I am not convinced of the premise of The new war for talent: that there will be a great shortage of talent soon. But the article makes some interesting points.

The Conference Board CEO Challenge of 2007 points out that “Cracking the U.S. Top 10 this year is finding qualified managerial talent and top management succession.”

If we neglect to engage our own employees, those who are frustrated can surf hundreds of job boards to see what other opportunities await

A cumbersome and complex ERP system will not suit the masses of young talent joining today’s workforce.

I think the main thing to do is to respect employees (and have that visible in the management decisions made in the organization). Stopping the demotivation would be a big step for many organizations. And to manage your organization with the understanding that the organization’s purpose should be to benefit the various stakeholders (shareholders, customer… and employees).

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    Your really great. Thank you very much! I learned a lot by reading this website. There are inspiring messages for a business man. And I agree!

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