Seth Godin on Marketing and the Internet

Once again Seth Godin does a great job of explaining the dynamics of marketing on the web: Seth Godin Video on Web Marketing. In this 6 1/2 minute video he touches on various topics including:

  • the ease with which web users ignore ads on the web
  • the importance of customers marketing for you (see our previous post: Lego – Innovative Marketing Podcast)
  • the need to develop relationships with customers that then allow your to reach them, “permission marketing” (such as with Amazon)

Seth is asked if there is a social network that is good for marketers to help them do their jobs. He says: “Far and away it is having a blog. It’s tempting, if you’re a salesperson to go to Linked In…” I think he is exactly right: Your online brandBlogging is Good for You. For many a “regular” web site is fine too – post some articles to give a real view of what you offer that is different from everyone else (blogs are fine but they are not the only way).

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via – Seth Godin Says: You Should Be Blogging

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