Permanent Innovation

Langdon Morris has written a new book: Permanent Innovation [the broken link was removed]. There is a blog [the broken link was removed] and web site too. The book builds upon his article, Business Model Warfare:

Furthermore, the core of the innovation value proposition need not be built around a technology per se. In the examples cited above – Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Nike, Visa, Dell, Fedex, Home Depot, Southwest Airlines, and Ford (in the early days) – proprietary technologies play a part in the company’s success, but there is always much more. The key to success is a focus not on technology itself, but technology applied in a business process to optimize the relationship between the company and its customers. In today’s environment nearly any technology can be, has been, and will be copied, so the important competitive advantage is knowing how to use technology in a way that adds the greatest value for customers.

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