Dr. Shigeo Shingo

Norman Bodek responds to, Shigeo Shingo’s Influence on TPS by Art Smalley, with: Dr. Shigeo Shingo – The Greatest Manufacturing Consultant. As the title shows this article focuses on the contributions of Dr. Shingo. I still find the original article interesting and valuable. I don’t think the original article denigrates Dr. Shingo. It is true the emphasis is different in the two articles however it seems to me the difference is not that large in truth. The largest difference is to what extent Dr. Shingo’s contributions (which it seems to me are stated pretty similarly) are admired, it seems to me.

Both support the idea that Dr. Shingo offered valuable contributions. Norman Bodek obviously believes Dr. Shingo deserves more credit than the original article. At least to me though the differences between the articles is much less than the agreements.

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