Army – Lean Six Sigma

Army Adopting Lean Six Sigma [the broken link was removed]

“We’ve already identified well over 20 processes that are Army-wide processes that we want to take on using Lean Six Sigma. . . We’re on the very beginning of making Lean Six Sigma, and the disciplined approach that comes with that, a major part of the way the Army does business,” said Maj. Gen. Ross Thompson III, Army G-8.

The Army Materials Command has long practiced Quality Management methods.

Red River Army Depot web site [the broken link was removed] Feb 2006:

Red River Army Depot’s (RRAD) management philosophy has been Total Army Quality (TAQ) since the late 1980s. RRAD used other concepts of quality management during the early 1980s and before. However, in June 1991, the Department of Defense implemented a competition program among all the services. The premise of the competition program was to achieve cost savings through efficiencies generated by competing workload among the services and private industry. This change by external forces influenced and redirected our view of the depot’s future and intensified our transformation to Total Quality Management.

List of Previous President’s Quality Award winners [the broken link was removed] (used to be Baldrige based until the award criteria were changed in 2002).

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