Laurence Haughton on Peter Drucker

Laurence Haughton on Peter Drucker [the broken link was removed]:

He criticized organizations who issued directives to “cut 5 or 10 percent from budgets across the board.”

And I’ll bet others can find 100 additional quoted and ignored lessons from Peter Drucker just like that one

I’m sorry to say that despite all the tributes, up to now, we’ve learned very little from Peter Drucker.

It is frustrating, but I wouldn’t draw that conclusion.

As readers of this blog know, I am a big fan of W. Edwards Deming’s ideas. Many of his ideas are ignored. However, even so, his influence on management in America, and worldwide, has been significant and positive. The way I see it even though managers are only benefiting from say 20% of the wisdom of Deming or Drucker that could very well still make Deming or Drucker the most influential management expert.

updated: Also see the Slacker Manager post on The Drucker paradox [the broken link was removed]

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