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Epidemic of Diagnoses

What’s Making Us Sick Is an Epidemic of Diagnoses by Dr. Welch, Dr. Schwartz and Dr. Woloshin:

For most Americans, the biggest health threat is not avian flu, West Nile or mad cow disease. It’s our health-care system.

True, and probably the biggest economic threat too. See: Deming’s Seven Deadly Diseases and Health Insurance Premiums Soar Again.

But it also leads to more diagnoses, a trend that has become an epidemic.
This epidemic is a threat to your health. It has two distinct sources. One is the medicalization of everyday life. Most of us experience physical or emotional sensations we don’t like, and in the past, this was considered a part of life. Increasingly, however, such sensations are considered symptoms of disease.

Lack of understanding systems and understanding variation? To me this is a very similar idea to seeing everything as a special cause and addressing each problem with special cause thinking (find the one special cause). Instead, often (97+% according to Dr. Deming) the most effective improvement strategy is to examine the whole system (use common cause thinking). This view in itself, might be a sign that I have “Demingitis” – the propensity to see the excessive focus on special cause thinking everywhere I look.
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