Management Improvement Carnival #95

Bryan Lund is hosting Management Improvement Carnival #95 on the Training Within Industry blog, highlights include:

  • Kathleen Fasenella talks about “How to Sew Faster” at Fashion Incubator… Leansters will appreciate the industrial engineer that resides in Kathleen’s work – Part 4 of her “How to Sew Faster” series talks about the 4Ms: Man, Machine, Material and Machines. Kathleen’s posts often remind me of Taichii Ohno’s writings
  • Bryan Zeigler at Lean is Good dredges up an old Deming experiment to illustrate a common management malpractice: Chasing Rabbits and Process Unimprovements. I like this post because the experiment helps people realize the chaos that can result in their reactive behavior as managers.
  • Mark Rosenthal at The Lean Thinker makes a distinction between The Expert vs. The Master in his post Knowing vs. Knowing How to Learn. The big deal here is that Mark argues some experts will try to fit their circumstances to a specific tool, but masters distinguish themselves by learning how to go beyond the tool and apply the concept in circumstances with which they are unfamiliar.

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