Management Improvement Carnival #79

Mark Graban is hosting Management Improvement Carnival #79 on the lean blog, highlights include:

  • A Natural Match (Deborah Dolezal, Lean Healthcare Grand Rounds): “As a healthcare worker and an implementer of lean, I am often struck by the similarity of the human body and the lean methodologies.”
  • Kaizen Corner — for lack of a battery (Paul Levy, Running a Hospital): “The idea is to keep asking why (the 5 why’s) until they discover the root cause, which is defined as that level of understanding that will permit development of a countermeasure that will prevent the problem from occurring again.”
  • Put Down That Tool (Jamie Flinchbaugh): “Use the simplest tool possible. When you start to use tools that are more complicated than they need to be, we add unnecessary waste and bureaucracy to the process of improvement.”
  • How NUMMI Changed Its Culture (John Shook, “What I learned was most powerful at NUMMI was to start with the behaviors, with what we do.”

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One thought on “Management Improvement Carnival #79

  1. Hum! the “Put down the tool” link is much helpful for me!
    I am wondering whether you know of a good book or two that I can read. I am trying to become a better manager by improving my management skills and communication skills. I hope to become a strong leader someday. I have read quite a few self improvement books and don’t mind reading several more.


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