Management Improvement Carnival #64

Mike Wroblewski is hosting the Management Improvement Carnival #64 on the Got Boondoggle? blog, highlights include:

  • Daily Scrum against the Board by Xavier Quesada Allue-“A good way to know if your team is using their taskboard to really manage their work is to look at their daily standup meeting.”
  • Japanese CEOs and Leadership by Mark Graban-“When do you ever hear a Western CEO say ‘sorry’ or ‘we were lacking’?”
  • Total Company Involvement by Pete Abilla-“When the hearts and minds of everybody in the organization is moving toward the same end then you know the companies’ mission has became a living and breathing inspirational catalyst for good.”
  • How Interruptions Drain Productivity by George Ambler-“Time is a leaders most valuable resource. The way a leader uses their time demonstrates to the people around them what’s really important.”

Overview of the management improvement carnival.

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