Management Improvement Carnival #59

Nicole Radziwill is hosting the Management Improvement Carnival #59 on the Quality and Innovation blog, highlights include:

  • June Holley, talking about self-organizing to achieve systems-level innovation. She notes that because theory is lacking, this process might be protracted, but to get to the point of understanding theory we need some more “real life” examples and case studies of how we self-organize in our organizations well – and not so well.
  • Small is the new big. Sustainable is the new growth. Trust is the new competitive advantage. All of the rules of business have changed, and the seismic shift is both electrifying and frightening. But there are opportunities to be embraced, and many of them are summed up in this HBS blog article entitled, Why Small Companies Will Win in This Economy
  • And did you know that neuroscience may provide some insights into how to stage your process improvement efforts and your initiatives that focus on innovation?

Submit suggestions for the management improvement carnival.

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