Top Blogs for Software Development Managers

I am happy to say our blog has been included in the Top 100 Blogs for Development Managers. The list of blogs is quite impressive, including blogs referenced here previously: Joel on Software (ranked 1st), Coding Horror (2nd), Seth Godin’s Blog (3rd), Paul Graham’s essays (4), Signal vs. Noise (40), Agile Management Blog (43) and Lean Software Engineering (68). The Curious Cat Blog is ranked 41st.

You can read our software development category to get our posts specifically related to that topic. Some specific software development related posts that might give you a flavor for the blog: Software Supporting Processes Not the Other Way AroundFuture Directions for Agile ManagementMetrics and Software DevelopmentThe Defect Black Market. And hopefully many of our other posts will also help software development managers.

These, and similar, rankings don’t mean much, other than according to the criteria used this is now they ranked. Still it is nice to see the Curious Cat Management Improvement blog was nominated and according to the criteria used did so well.

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