Management Improvement Carnival #43

Read the previous management carnivals. I posted on a new tool for finding management resources online, I will monitor the management Reddit for popular new blog posts to include in future carnivals.

  • Where Does Bad Corporate Culture Come From, and Can It Be Corrected? by Tim Prosser – “while it is natural for bad organizational culture to develop, this tendency can be countered and a more positive and productive organizational culture can be produced, though it requires savvy and introspective management.”
  • Toyota’s Commitment to People by Mark Graban – “I’m sure keeping the workers on and training them (with real work, not just letting them sit in the cafeteria) is all about the long-term good of the company.”
  • Consulting is easy by Pascal Van Cauwenberghe – “Real Lean is making use of the collective wisdom of everybody in the organisation.”
  • Prioritizing and Planning for Market Risk by David Anderson – “Matts-Maassen tells us to push back decisions as far as possible and to gather information, create options and understand when they expire. This helps us to optimize decision making and minimum the risk of a decision being a bad one.”
  • An IT Guy Gets Lean by Kevin Meyer – “This isn’t to mean that all software is a problem, and we definitely believe that software tools, appropriately deployed, can create value. But more often than not they mask waste and reduce the ability to change by enforcing rigid processes”
  • 5 Things I am Still Learning about Lean Manufacturing by Jon Miller – “maybe I am only just learning that if you properly take care of the people issues first, the factory will fix itself.”
  • Congratulations. You’ve mapped out the future state. Now what? by Dan Markovitz – “Establishing standard work, understanding limits and leveling the workload so as not to overload people, allowing them to actually create the future state they’ve mapped out — this is a humane, rational, and far better way to work.”
  • The problem with single points of failure – “Companies can’t rely on people like me, or Dr. Hammer, to be their single point of failure. A great process or great ideas must be capable of going on without you.” – I wrote on a similar topic for the Curious Cat Management blog in May: Well Managed Companies
  • Lean Tutorial: Production Capacity Template by Ron Pereira – webcast walks through using a spreadsheet (template included in the post) to manage the production line.
  • Future Directions for Agile Management by John Hunter – “Deliver working systems quickly (with limited features, add features based on user needs)… Build systems that cope well with uncertainty and allow for constant continuous improvement of processes”
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