Management Improvement Carnival #34

Please submit your favorite management posts to the carnival. Read the previous management carnivals.

  • Introduction to Factorial Designs by Jonathan Mendez – “I like the idea of velocity in marketing — test, learn, test, learn, test. Instead of one large test I prefer focusing attention on certain areas or elements to achieve deeper understanding.”
  • MIT’s Message about Lean Enterprise Transformation by Mark Edmondson- “1. Market leaders are good at embracing enterprise change; 2. Enterprise change requires a holistic approach that engages all stakeholders. This includes employees, suppliers, customers, unions, and investors/owners”
  • Two Types of Bottleneck by David J. Anderson – “I now teach that there are two types of bottleneck: capacity constrained resources CCRs; and non-instant availability resources”
  • Oranges, Pebbles, and Sand by Ron Pereira – “In this video my daughters and I demonstrate how meeting an objective is just the beginning to improvement.”
  • Why errorproof when you can double-check? – “If you are in the position to prevent the error in the first place, why wouldn’t you? And, I’d argue, if you can write a tool to detect the screw up – ie, it is possible to programmatically figure out that the template is wrong,”
  • Systems and Improvement by John Dowd – “Thus did Deming, over sixty years ago, show a basic model about how to think about quality and improvement.”
  • Getting Paid Not To Work by Kevin Meyer – “preventive maintenance became the norm and the mechanics spent considerable time educating the operators in the proper care and feeding of the machines. Everything revolved around keeping them up and running.”
  • Box seminar from 1996 remains visionary by Mark J. Anderson – “while working as a statistician at Imperial Chemical Industries (ICI), he banned the use of p-values by their industrial experimenters! (Box advocated the use of confidence intervals, instead.)”
  • Value Stream Communication by Mike Wroblewski – “We focus not only on the quality and quantity of information but the speed of communication from the shop floor to management and back”
  • The Dispersion of Toyota Talent by Mark Graban – “Convis is a servant leader. He listens to his employees. That’s the magic. I hope that’s what they can both help bring to Dana and Ford.”
  • Carol Hymowitz on the CEO Pay Gap by Bob Sutton – “You can overpay other senior executives too and thus entice them to stay; our you can create a big gap between the overpaid CEO and everyone else, which leads other senior executives to jump-ship. Either way, overpaying the CEO has costs beyond the extra dollars the CEO gets.”
  • You Can’t Steal What is Shared Freely by Jon Miller – “Whoever got people started using the phrase “steal shamelessly” in regards to lean ideas and practices should be ashamed. I am quietly offended when people say this to me because it shows a certain lack of respect for the act of teaching.”
  • The Defect Black Market by John Hunter – “This type of manipulation is what is encouraged by managers that think management means setting up such simplistic, senseless systems”
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