Management Improvement Carnival #29

Mark Graban is hosting Management Improvement Carnival #29 on the Lean blog, some of the highlights include:

  • Standard Work for Managers = Go to Gemba (Joe Ely, Learning About Lean) “Get to the workplace. Look. Listen.”
  • Designing What’s Right for Customers (David Pogue, NY Times) “So what goes through the minds of executives who don’t sweat the small stuff?”
  • Muda, Mura (and Muri) in Health Care (Mark Rosenthal, Lean Thinker Blog) “Key Point: Separate the routine from the non-routine. Separate normal from abnormal.”
  • Explaining Lean at a Bar (Mark Graban, Lean Blog) “I asked [the bartender] how it would be if the ice were in the far corner of the bar, requiring lots of walking back and forth all day. She said that would be horrible.”
  • JIT and Jidoka are Useless… (Ron Pereira, Lean Six Sigma Academy) “Yes, the two pillars of the Toyota Production System – JIT and Jidoka – are absolutely worthless… if you don’t respect people.”

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