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USA Paying More for Health Care

The USA health care system is well known as by the most costly in the world. Most also agree the system provides far from the best results – perhaps great results could justify such high prices but that is not … Continue reading

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Deming Electronic Network Email List

The Deming Electronic Network email list 2.0 [deleted link as this is no longer online] is now live. The aim of the Deming Electronic Network is to: “Learn, apply, and extend the teachings of Dr. W. Edwards Deming and to … Continue reading

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Jim Press, Toyota N. American President, Moves to Chrysler

Jim Press leaves Toyota to join Chrysler. I am surprised. I would imagine he is getting a huge amount of money. And I would guess it will encourage those that think you have to massively overpay executives or lose them … Continue reading

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Hiring – Does College Matter?

Another essay by Paul Graham packed with great thoughts – this one on hiring, colleges, measuring performance of people, etc.. Practically everyone thinks that someone who went to MIT or Harvard or Stanford must be smart. Even people who hate … Continue reading

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The Siren Song of Multitasking

The Siren Song of Multitasking Yet multiple technologies often translate into multiple interruptions: On average, workers are interrupted once every ten and a half minutes, according to Gloria Mark, a professor at the University of California, Irvine, who studied the … Continue reading

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Seth Godin on Marketing and the Internet

Once again Seth Godin does a great job of explaining the dynamics of marketing on the web: Seth Godin Video on Web Marketing. In this 6 1/2 minute video he touches on various topics including: the ease with which web … Continue reading

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Management Improvement Carnival #18

Management Improvement Carnival #18 is hosted by Ron Pereira at the Lean Six Sigma Academy. Some highlights include: The Gemba is the Dojo by Pete Abilla from the shumla blog – “The Gemba is the Dojo — precisely because the … Continue reading

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Six Sigma and Innovation

Peter Pande adds his thoughts on how six sigma and innovation can work together. In his podcast, Innovation vs. Efficiency, he makes the argument that innovation and efficiency can work together. As I have stated many times, while bad six … Continue reading

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