Management Improvement Carnival #17

Please submit your favorite management posts to the carnival. Read the previous management carnivals.

  • Take your friends to the Gemba with you by Lee Fried – “Over the last six months we have been developing and refining visual systems to support standard work, communication, leveling and problem solving. The staff and managers have worked hard on their systems and their work is beginning to show fruits of their labor.”
  • Opportunity Calls by Mike Wroblewski – “‘Mike, we have some problems.’ said the VP said with a serious tone. I quickly answered.’ That’s great news!” [curiouscat adds: “Having no problems is the biggest problem of all.” Taiichi Ohno]
  • How Design of Experiments (DOE), and Data Visualization are impacting NASCAR – “Essentially through track testing, wind tunnels, shaker rigs, and simulation exercises, the engineer and crew chief can decide which and how much to change each variable to make their car the best on the track”
  • Transportation Muda by Ron Pereira – “I am not sure where this wing was headed as we were about 60 miles from Fargo‚Ķ but rest assured no value was being added to this airplane wing or the airplane it was going to be attached to.”
  • Students should be teaching. Schools should be learning. by Jeff Lindsay – “Ackoff then goes on to describe how this used to take place in one-room schools as a necessity, and the success story of having 7 year old kids teach arithmetic to a computer in order to learn it themselves”
  • Toyota Production System Applied to Software Development by Jon Miller – “Standing in the Ohno circle is a good way to train your eyes to do see abnormalities and to find many small things to fix, some of them immediately, without the need for a kaizen team or Six Sigma project. This is the type of thinking that the team at Fujitsu used to apply the Toyota Production System to software development.”
  • Toyota Training the World…sort of by Craig Woll – “So not only will Toyota train you, they will also pay you to be trained. I guess in order to do something like that you would have to have some sort of binding contract that the trained individual work for Toyota so the investment is not lost. Nope, see what the Toyota spokesperson had to say”
  • 3 great webcasts: Bob Emiliani, Update on Wiremold, Dr. Sami Bahri, “The World’s First Lean Dentist” and Marissa Mayer on Google Innovation
  • Standardization Follow-Up by Mike Gardner – “Standards should be constantly improved. Henry Ford believed today’s standards would not hold up in the light of tomorrow’s needs and methods. He stated that standards should never become static and we should always be looking for ways to improve on our current ‘best practices.'”
  • Stop Demotivating Me! by John Hunter – “What should a manager do? Eliminate the de-motivators. Provide coaching (building the capacity or employees and the organization). And manage a system to allow people to take pride in what they do.”
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