Help Wanted: Lean Manufacturing Experts

Is There A Lean Employee Deficit?:

Two recent articles in respected manufacturing publications highlighted a topic of interest for us at Ultriva: The difficulty of finding and retaining manufacturing talent.

The first was an article from the American Society for Quality published last week in Reliable Plant about the aggressive luring of Lean manufacturing experts to the services sector. The article quotes Jack Stiles, the president of an executive search firm, that experts are enjoying 20 to 30% pay raises to take their Lean thinking from manufacturing to service industries, like Healthcare or Banking. A Bain executive, Mark Gottfredson, adds “There is a whole industry luring away Toyota and General Electric people”.

Then today, Industry Week’s Traci Purdum published a piece online entitled “Help Wanted“. The article looks at the difficulty manufacturer’s are having in filling jobs from the plant to the management suite.

If you are looking a new job (or a company looking for skilled and knowledgeable people) the Curious Cat Management Improvement Job Board lists openings (and companies can post relevant vacancy announcements – 100% free). Current listings include: Quality Engineer, Director – Lean Manufacturing, TPS Consultant and
Director, Six Sigma Process Improvement. It is great there is a demand for skilled lean manufacturing experts; now we just need to make sure companies can get the right people in place so they can be successful and grow the adoption of lean management methods.

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