Management Improvement Carnival #14

Management Improvement Carnival #14 is hosted by Kevin Meyer at Evolving Excellence. Some highlights include:

  • Reducing Waste for Shoppers at Lean Blog. “The traditional grocery store is to spread out common items to force you to walk the whole store – that’s waste for the customer. Target is trying a new approach.”
  • 10 Common Misperceptions About Lean Manufacturing at Gemba Panta Rei. “There is nothing inherently Japanese about Lean manufacturing, nor are Japanese people naturally better at Lean than any other people.”
  • Durable and Great at Six Sigma Blogs. “… innovation cannot be pursued in and of itself. Innovation is the complement to operational excellence…”
  • Unanswered Questions at Edge Perspectives. “It’s appropriate to step back occasionally and reflect on what we don’t know, rather than simply sharing what we know.”

Please submit your favorite management posts to the carnival.

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