Management Improvement Carnival #10

Please submit your favorite management posts to the carnival.

  • Just Hide It by Mike Wroblewski – “It is also a clear indicator that we have a long way to go on our lean journey. By hiding our problems, we create muda and more importantly we ignore the real problems.”
  • Deming’s 14 Points and Home Building by Peter Abilla – “Magleby is known as the ‘home builder for billionaires.’ I find it refreshing and impressive that he would credit Deming for the quality philosophy that he has instilled in his company.”
  • The War for Talent Is Back by Bob Sutton – “1 Superstars are overrated… 2 Great systems are more important than great people.”
  • How to Use a Kaizen Newspaper by Jon Miller – “A full kaizen newspaper is a good thing. The fact that this is a concern might say something about the quality of the action items rather than the quantity”
  • Deming Redux by Susan M. Heathfield – “Rather than each department doing the budgeting process on their own, this approach – which one manager called the hardest thing he had ever done – promotes one company, one team, and exhibits whole systems thinking.”
  • Q&A with management guru Jim Collins by Matthew Boyle – “Our research found no correlation between executive compensation and shareholder returns. Excessive executive pay tends to lead to one thing: even more excessive pay, not increased shareholder value.”
  • Dr. Deming still inspires by Karen Wilhelm – “So the good news is, we can stop feeling guilty, and start doing better… we can still ‘help people understand.’ If we keep learning, that is.”
  • An Inspiring Lean Tear-Jerker by Kevin Meyer – “I encourage you to pick up the second edition of Better Thinking, Better Results. The original story is an inspiring roadmap to lean, and the Update at the end may leave you tearful.”
  • Exploding the outsourcing myth by Brian Amble – “The reason for this is simple. Outsourcers have to be at least 20 per cent better than the in-house operation they replaced just to cover the costs of winning the business and break-even – and most are not.”
  • Is Six Sigma Dying? by Ron Pereira – “But when all (or most) of the emphasis is on using a handful of tools in order to “certify” rather than simply trying to make the business better I say long turn sustainability is nearly impossible.”
  • Wisconsin Continues to Lead in Lean Government by Jon Miller – “The target was to help 100 small and mid-sized manufacturers become Lean. The results of the first year pilot were reported as lead time reduction of an average of 53%.”
  • Standardized Work Instructions by John Hunter – “it is essential that the work instructions are easy to use (visible and as simple as possible) and easy to update (to avoid the common problem of the process changing and the work instructions losing touch with what is actually done).”
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