Talking with Toyota’s CEO

Talking with Toyota’s Top Man [the broken link was removed]

But there’s still more work to be done?
The scariest symptom of “big-company disease” is that complacency will breed in the company. To be satisfied with becoming the top runner, and to become arrogant, is the path we must be most fearful of. There are so many challenges and issues that we need to address. Each individual [needs] to have the mentality to challenge those problems. Problems must be made visible. Not just in Japan but in all affiliated activities around the world.

That’s a very good point and a key element of my own management: how we make sure our own DNA is transferred to the younger generation at Toyota. So long as certain things are achieved, this will be ensured. Going and seeing for oneself is the key. It’s very easy to understand. When there’s a problem, one should drill down and [see] what’s taking place and why a certain problem has occurred. [The key thing is to] teach the method of identifying a problem and implementing the resolution.

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