Making Changes and Taking Risks

Sales Force by Curtis Hartman, 1996 explores Ron Rodin’s use of Deming’s ideas at Marshall Industries. Ron Rodin’s book, Free Perfect and Now, is excellent.

The system had to change. “We eliminated commissions, incentives, promotions, contests, P&Ls, forecasts, budgets, the entire functional organization chart,” Rodin says. It was a radical move. Contests and commissions — internal competition — were a way of life in the industry, the universal motivational tool. Rodin was hammered when he unveiled the plan in an open letter to the industry. One competitor accused him “of kissing Deming’s ring.” Another called the system “communistic.” Electronic Buyers News, the industry bible, published a biting editorial.

Yes the article is 10 years old by as I have stated numerous times I don’t believe only things written in the last week have value. Going back to the great stuff (even if you have read it before) is often much better than reading whatever is new.

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