Lean Management Case Study

Learning the Rules…Playing to Win [the broken link was removed] (pdf)

Lean concepts are taught through discussion and hands-on discovery, not lectures.” A popular part of the experience involves various simulation exercises including the beer game, which teaches that poorly organized systems will defeat the best of people, and the airplane simulation exercise, where student groups work together to build model airplanes.

On the first try at this simulation, typically one airplane is completed in the allotted time. At the end of the weeklong session — using lean methods, tools and applications – the number of completed models usually jumps to 10.

More on the beer game and drum-buffer-rope.

via: Lean Case Study: ZF Industries:

Everywhere I go, people want to hear case studies. Case studies are great. You can learn from them. You can feel like your problems aren’t so unique. You can get inspiration. The only trouble – never (ever) try to copy what someone else did.

Great advice.

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