Lean Master Class with Jeffrey Liker (London)

I have very few details on this opportunity. All I know is what this Deming Electronic Network message [the broken link was removed] says.

24-hour Lean Master Class with Jeffrey Liker [the broken link was removed]
Start: October 10, 2006 5 PM
End: October 11, 2006 5 PM
London, United Kingdom

Rubicon Associates and The Deming Forum are delighted to present a Master Class with Jeffrey Liker. Prof. Liker is a world expert on the culture and methods behind the phenomenal success of Toyota and is offering an in depth view through this unique window.

This event is a first in the UK and will give unique insights for any organisation in any sector that wants to speed up their business processes, improve quality, cut costs and promote innovation. Places are strictly limited and will be booked quickly so please reserve these dates in your diary and look out for further information shortly!

Neither of the sponsor sites have any details posted yet – but they will so you may want check them out.

The Toyota Way by Jeffery Liker
The Toyota Way Fieldbook by Jeffery Liker and David Meier

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