NUMMI Plant Model

NUMMI plant a model for ailing car industry (site broke the link so I removed it) by Tim Simmers:

The historic NUMMI joint venture – the first of its kind on U.S. soil between a Japanese and an American carmaker – is something of an industry gem. Its secret to success, besides the common sense of building small cars and trucks that are in demand, has been its good labor relations and adoption of Toyota’s “lean manufacturing” techniques. Referred to as the “Toyota Production System (TPS),” it is steeped in Japanese business lore and terms that stress and lay out a road map for quality, efficiency and production advances.

NUMMI tour information [the broken link was removed] – NUMMI, Production System [the broken link was removed]:

A key factor in the production system is treating team members with trust and respect. They are expected to help solve problems and make decisions that affect them or their group. They are also held accountable for their work.

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