Lean and Six Sigma in India BPO

Via Panta Rei, Business Process Outsourcing, Meet Value Engineering [the broken link was removed], Measure for Measure

Dedicated Six Sigma, Lean and Reengineering teams continuously spot and improve processes for Genpact as well as its customers. Supported by 500-plus Six Sigma Black Belts and Master Black Belts, 150 Lean Coaches, these teams have implemented 400-plus breakthrough improvements, 3,000-plus Kaizen improvements that enhanced productivity by 6-8 per cent year-on-year. Genpact shares these benefits with customers,” says Bhasin.

For one of its customers consolidating operations from multiple centres to one, offshoring the processes and Six Sigma initiatives delivered a productivity benefit of $300 million, he says.

According to S. Nagarajan, Founder and Chief Operating Officer of 24/7Customer, value engineering is a means of value creation more than cost reduction.

Another interesting quote:

Continued cost inflation, higher wages and a talent crunch threaten India’s global sourcing competitiveness. This will allow lower-cost countries to grab market share from India.

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