Go Lean to Remain Competitive

Go Lean to Remain Competitive [the broken link was removed]:

Captains of industry should adopt Lean Production Systems, an idea {conceived} by Toyota for its car-making, to transform their plants to efficient ones, for survival in the globalisation era

Sundaram Clayton Limited Brakes Division President C N Prasa.

In 1998 the SCL Brakes Division won the Deming Prize and in 2002 they won the Japan Quality Medal.

Sundaram-Clayton Limited [the broken link was removed], Mission:

We are committed to being a profitable and socially responsible leading manufacturer of environmentally friendly auto components and sub-systems for customers in markets and to provide fulfillment and prosperity for customers, employees and suppliers.

India has been represented very well among Deming Prize winners the last few years including 3 of 4 winners this year.

I think it will be interesting to see if this is a sign of a broader adoption of such management principles in India. If so, I think that would compliment the software industry in promoting continued economic development in India quite well. And, if so, in 10 years I think we will be hearing much more about manufacturing in India than we do today.

More articles on Management Improvement in India (including several on Sundaram Clayton Limited).

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