Statistical Consulting

In the current issue of AMSTAT News (American Satistical Association) the President’s letter is focused on Statistical Consulting and W. Edwards Deming. He makes a good point, echoing those others have been making for quite some time:

More and more, we need to define ourselves, perhaps as an internal consultant, by striking out on our own. That self-defined role is a lot more challenging, risky, and fun, too!

ASA bio of DemingCurious Cat biography of Deming

The Curious Cat Management Improvement library offers the following articles related to Statistical Consulting:

  • Redesigning the Introductory Statistics Course by Ronald D. Snee and Roger Hoerl Adobe Acrobat Document
  • The Next 25 Years in Statistics by William Hill and William Hunter, Feb 1986 Adobe Acrobat Document
    (with contributions by Joseph W. Duncan, A. Blanton Godfrey, Brian L. Joiner, Gary C. McDonald, Charles G. Pfeifer, Donald W. Marquardt, and Ronald D. Snee). A transformation of the American style of management has already begun; in order for it to succeed, statisticians must assume a leadership role.
  • Youden Memorial Address – 2000 by Geoff Vining, Oct 2000 Adobe Acrobat Document
    “The basic theme for my talk today is that Jack Youden is an appropriate role model for today�s industrial statisticians. Jack Youden was someone who appreciated the fundamental role statistics can play in industry.”
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