Critical Chain, TOC Email List

Email lists have been going out of style, but they can be a useful way to interact with a shared community (when moderated properly). The Theory of Constraints (TOC) email list (Yahoo group) CriticalChain, is useful for those interested in TOC concepts.

This list is for those who are interested in project management via Critical Chain Scheduling and Buffer Management, as well as the application of other aspects of the Theory of Constraints to project management.

The target audience for this discussion list is broad, consisting of:

Those who are experienced with Critical Chain (either by living with it or by helping others implement it),

Those who are attempting to implement Critical Chain in their project(s),

Those who are curious about Critical Chain and the implications it could have for their project environment

and . . .

Those who have heard about Critical Chain and think that it is either misguided or that there is nothing really new about it, but are willing to discuss it with an open mind. It’s this last target group that can add real spice to the discussion. (After all, as Eli Goldratt has said, “The strongest force FOR improvement is resistance to change.”)

Another good email list is the Deming Electronic Network list.

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