Top 25: Influential Business Leaders

Top 25: Influential Business Leaders

Leaders like Warren Buffett (No. 4), CEO of Berkshire Hathaway; chairman of the Federal Reserve Board Alan Greenspan (No. 9) and business consultant W. Edwards Deming (No. 22) changed the ways we do business.

Deming, using his theories of management and quality control, helped turn Japan into a manufacturing powerhouse.

Lists such as this don’t have much value. However, I do think they have a little value in getting people to think about some important innovations in business. But honestly, I wouldn’t be writing about it except that they lists Dr. W. Edwards Deming in this list, along with the likes of Gates, Grove, Welch, Dell, Walton and Bezos. I hope that encourages some people to take a look at Deming’s ideas or perhaps encourages some to discuss Deming’s ideas. For more on Deming’s ideas see the Curious Cat Deming Web. I am glad they recognized his contributions, I think things will be better if Deming’s ideas are kept alive and mentions, such as this list, keep his ideas alive to the general public.

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