6th Annual Curious Cat Management Blog Review

Each of the participants post reviews of several blogs on their blog. Links to all the 2013 Management Blog Review posts are listed below, ordered by the number of years each author has participated in the annual review.

2013 Hosts Years

Blog reviews

Evolving Excellence 6 Timeback, Matthew May, HBR: Brad Power
Lean Reflections 5 Deming Institute blog, MIX
TimeBack Management 5 Michel Baudin, Manufacturing Leadership Center, The Lean Thinker
QAspire 4 Squawk Point, Jesse Lyn Stoner, Jamie Flinchbaugh
A Lean Journey 3 Beyond Lean, Lean Pathways, Old Lean Dude
Beyond Lean 3 Lean Blitz, Personal Kanban
Lessons in Lean 2 Gemba Panta Rei, The Drucker Exchange
encob blog 2 Lean Post, Gemba Coach
Michel Baudin 2 The Lean Edge
Lean Blitz 1 Lean Blog, Karen Martin, Quality and Innovation, Let’s Talk About Quality

Only 3 blogs have been reviewed in all 6 years: Evolving Excellence, Gemba Panta Rei and Timeback Management.

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