More 2011 Management Blog Roundup Posts Added

As we start 2012, the 4th Annual Management Blog Roundup continues. Once again some of the most popular management bloggers are taking a look back at the last year in the management blogging world. The following reviews have been added since my last update:

These posts provide many great ideas for you to apply in the new year. The 2011 management blog roundup has more great posts coming up in the next week. The home page for this collaborative effort of many management bloggers provides links to all the posts in the 2011 Management Blog Roundup.

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2 Responses to More 2011 Management Blog Roundup Posts Added

  1. Mark Graban says:

    Thanks for spearheading this, John.

  2. Wendy Wilkinson says:

    I’m going through all the links and I think they are great. Thanks for sharing information.

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