3rd Annual Management Blog Review Part 2 of 2

The management blog review this year, had 14 management bloggers review close to 50 management blogs. See part one of the roundup. And here are links to the new review posts:

Mark Hamel posted his 3rd review (the first 2 are listed in part one) covering John Shook’s Lean Management Column.

Karen Wilhelm reviewed Design Thinking, The Lean Edge and Thinking for a Change and posted a diagram showing the links between the blogs involved in the annual review.

Wally Bock provided a look at Management Excellence, Maximize Possibility, QAspire and Winning Workplaces.

I took a look back at Dennis Stevens, How to implement “Lean Thinking” in a Business and the Three Star Leadership Blog.

And Jon Miller wrapped things up with a post on the health care system and DailyKaizen and the Lean Thinker.

Once again I think the review provided a reminder many excellent posts from the last year and showed us some posts we missed. In addition, hopefully you found new blogs to add to the RSS feeds you subscribe to. With the enormous number of excellent management blogs, it makes me wonder why we still see so many management miscues.

I hope you enjoy the reviews and find some useful ideas and some new blogs to follow. Keep up with the regular management blog carnival, publishing 3 times a month.

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