Management Improvement Carnival #115

Glyn Lumley is hosting the Management Improvement Carnival #115, adding some new blogs that haven’t been seen on the carnival before, which is always good. Highlights include:

  • Tales of redemption through improvement at work – Roger White concludes a series of posts about what other people have taught him regarding improvement at work. In this conclusion, he summarises the key learning points.
  • Connecting is not enough – Many of us like to think we’re effective networkers. Here, Andy Lopata looks at ten of the most commonly held beliefs about networking, and why he believes they are wrong.
  • How could we mistake-proof our thinking? by Benjamin Mitchell – “There are many sources of evidence that we experience ‘cognitive illusions’, such as the work of Behavioural Economist Dan Ariely.” [I agree – John, The Illusion of Knowledge]
  • The North Wind and the Sun by Jamie Flinchbaugh – “Too often, change agents focus on simple merit: my ideas are good, and you should engage. There are a lot of good things an organization can do. The problem is we have limited resources. You’ll have to create a reason more compelling than that.”

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