2009 Annual Management Blog Review Part 2

The 2009 annual management improvement blog carnival continues with more bloggers posting highlights from some of their favorite management blogs (see 2009 Annual Management Blog Review Part 1). Kevin Meyer looked back through the posts from TimeBack Management, Lean Six Sigma Academy, Curious Cat Management Improvement, A Lean Journey, and Stats Made Easy and found some gems, including

Dan Markovitz reviewed the Lean blog, Evolving Excellence and Jason Yip’s blog. Highlights include:

Hank Anderson has highlighted posts from the Hexawise blog for Stats Made Easy. Mark Anderson has reviewed Work Matters and will be reviewing Seth Godin in an upcoming post. Highlights from the Hexawise blog include: What Else Can Software Development and Testing Learn from Manufacturing? Don’t Forget Design of Experiments (DoE) by Justin Hunter, my brother.

Karen Wilhelm recognized some of the best contributions from Gemba Panta Rei, Learning about Lean and Reforming Project Management, including:

Tim McMahon posted some of his favorite posts from: Lean Reflections, The Lean Way, and Gotta Go Lean, including:

It is really great to see how much the participants in the annual carnival appreciate the thoughts of their colleagues seeking to improve management practices. They acknowledge the value of the ideas shared on the other blogs. It really is remarkable how much great information is available. Hopefully you can learn from the carnival posts and perhaps find a few new blogs to add to your RSS reader. There were certainly more great management blogs added in 2009.

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