Management Improvement Carnival #74

Curious Cat Management Improvement Blog Carnival

  • What Else Can Software Development and Testing Learn from Manufacturing? Don’t Forget Design of Experiments (DoE). by Justin Hunter – “In short, Design of Experiments methods are a proven approach to creating and manage experiments that alter variables intelligently between each test run in a structured way that allows the experimenter to learn as much as possible in as few experiments as possible.”
  • The Versatile Leader by Ron Pereira – “I firmly believe the best leaders are those that can apply the appropriate leadership style at the appropriate time.”
  • Manually Collecting Data is a Good Thing! by Lee Fried – “having the teams and local managers collect the data manually is one of the best things they can do to learn their processes and understand the problems of their area.”
  • Scrum of Scrums: Making it visual by Xavier Quesada Allue – “There are only two columns: ‘Story’ and ‘Status’. Story has a copy of the story card that is on the team board. Status is normally ‘not started, ‘in progress’, ‘done’ or ‘done-done’ (a curious distinction between ‘we think we’re done’ and ‘we’re sure we’re done’).”
  • Hospital Gets Vendor Visits Under Control by Karen Wilhelm – “An estimated $10 million has been saved as doctors now prescribe generic drugs 74% of the time, up from 60% in the past. Without sales reps prodding them, they use more tried-and-true medications unless the new ones have been shown to be really more effective.”
  • Lean Energy Treasure Hunts at GE by Jon Miller – “The energy treasure hunt is the classic ‘go see’ activity. Form a cross-functional team and go find energy waste.”
  • The First Steps of The Lean Journey by Mark Rosenthal – “without specifics about the situation, it is really hard to answer. There isn’t a clear set of step-by-step directions that say ‘Start here’ followed by (2), (3) and so on.”
  • The Supervisor Transformed by Jamie Flinchbaugh – “The new role of the supervisor focuses on skill sets such as engaging employees in improvement instead of direction, facilitation of decisions making instead of just providing it, coaching on new skills instead of leaving it to training. These new skills require that we rethink the selection of supervisors, the training of them…”
  • Dr. Deming Webcast on the 5 Deadly Diseases by John Hunter – “*Lack of constancy of purpose *Emphasis on short term profits *Annual Performance Appraisals *Mobility of management *Running a company on visible figures alone…”

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