Management Improvement Carnival #73

Curious Cat Management Improvement Blog Carnival

  • The Maddening Effectiveness of Root-Cause Analysis – “And I wonder: how often this is a subtle blockage to individuals and teams doing good root cause analysis? How often am I fearful of Really Knowing just what is at the root of some undesirable outcome?”
  • Lean and Basketball – “in a strong Lean business, it is essential to have a well-trained and motivated staff to execute all of the good tools and methodologies that have been introduced to them.”
  • Phronetic Leadership — Father of Scrum explores a new type of Leadership by Kenji Hiranabe – “Phronesis is a concept that synthesizes ‘knowing why’ as in scientific theory, with ‘knowing how’ as in practical skill, and “knowing what” as a goal to be realized. Unlike episteme, it emphasizes practices in particular contexts. However, phronesis is not just knowledge within a certain, particular context per se. Since it is knowledge to serve the “common good”, it implies an affinity with universal principles.”
  • What Happened to the Deming Philosophy? by Rip Stauffer – “I have had Quality executives from major corporations tell me that “Deming was just a philosophy,” implying that it was pie-in-the-sky, without any practical use for business. It’s hard to get these people to listen to you after you explain how ignorant a statement that is…”
  • One reason why so many lean initiatives fail by Dan Markovitz – “But it’s worth thinking about whether top management is doing what they need to do to make it work. As Jamie Flinchbaugh says, when clients tell him that management is 100% behind them: ‘Behind is still behind. Leadership is about being out in front.'”
  • Denver Health’s CEO Spreading the Word about Lean by Mark Graban – “Costs can be reduced by getting patients to the right place, at the right time, with the right level of care, with the right provider, with the right outcomes and the right financial incentives. This is not a theoretical construct. For example, our charges per Medicaid day and per Medicaid admission are thirty-two percent below our peer Colorado metropolitan hospitals.”
  • Deming is Dead… Long Live Deming by Davis Balestracci – “Deming did not say that 97 percent of the problems needed to be fixed by management but rather, that 97 percent of the time it was due to bad processes, not people… good statistical thinking can use a common-cause strategy with data to solve a lot of these problems… So, “plot some dots,” solve some problems, and stop lecturing!”
  • I like the Job Breakdown Sheet because… – “As a manager, it helps me assess how our problem solving culture is progressing. By using the JBS as a reference during my genba walks, I can see how things really are. The simple act of checking a JBS against what the person is actually doing can reveal a lot about our culture.”
  • YouTube Uses Multivariate Experiment To Improve Sign-ups 15% by John Hunter – “Google does a great job of using statistical and engineering principles to improve. It is amazing how slow we are to adopt new ideas but because we are it provides big advantages to companies like Google that use concepts like design of experiments, experimenting quickly and often… while others don’t.”
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