More Management Blog Posts From January 2006

energy chart

  • Great Charts – The lack of such effective visual display of information is another example of how much improvement could be made just by applying ideas that are already published.
  • Change is not Improvement – if you have to document how you will know the change is successful it makes it more difficult to change for just the appearance of improvement.
  • Management Excellence – Most management practices cannot be plugged into any organization and work well. That practice must be applied in a sensible way given the organizational system.
  • China now the 5th Largest Economy – China’s economy grew 9.9 percent in 2005, overtaking France as the world’s fifth largest, powered by exports and investment in factories, roads and power plants.
  • Zero Defects – eliminating defects that get to customers (and even those that don’t) is wise. But doing should be as the result of continually improving your processes. I do not believe you succeed by declaring your goal to be zero defects. You succeed by creating a culture of never ending improvement, of customer focus, of fact based decision making, of learning…
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  1. Ronald says:

    Charts help a lot because they show visual information which is very easy interpreted and analyzed. When is added the history of events you can take conclusions.

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