Management Improvement Carnival #61

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  • Unplanned items and legacy issues by Xavier Quesada Allue – “A small change request if you want. How are you going to manage this work? Are you going to create a new story for this? Too much overhead… just put up a task (a post-it) in Legacy Issues, get it done with and forget about it.”
  • Ask Gemba: Nuts and Bolts of the Andon System by Jon Miller – “Each person should have specific and personal responsibility for responding to problems raised within a particular zone. Each person should have a clear person that they can go to when unable to resolve the issue, all the way up the chain to the head of site at a minimum”
  • How to Manage a Remote Employee – “My belief is that without deliberate attention, the remote employee slowly becomes irrelevant to the organization.”
  • What’s So Special about 3-Sigma? by Marc Hersch – “So where did Shewhart get the 3-sigma limit from? He got it from lots and lots of empirical observation. He says it has no “truth” to it. It is just a value that works to minimize the consequences of the mistakes our minds trick us into making. 3-sigma is a tipping point that minimizes the two mistakes we can make—confusing common cause with assignable cause OR confusing assignable cause with common cause. In his own words”
  • Are Business Schools to Blame? by Joel M. Podolny – “There has been little contrition on the part of those involved in MBA education after the crisis… Until business schools make such public gestures of disapproval, society will never fully trust the MBA again. “
  • Why requirements stink by Scott Berkun – “Getting Real, by the folks at 37 signals, is a book that puts simplicity first, advocating almost no formal documents, requirements lists or specs at all.”
  • Management Poka-Yoke by Dan Markovitz – “But why not institute poka-yoke for management? Why not create systems that prevent bad management practices from taking hold?”
  • The Benefits of Using Lean Approaches for Software Development by Eric Landes – “Using Kanban brings lean concepts like continuous improvement, continuous flow, and limiting WIP into your development process. These benefits have been used in sustaining engineering software project”
  • How to Do Things Your Customer Didn’t Ask For by Jurgen Appelo – “As Kano pointed out in his work, it takes deep understanding of the customer’s world to understand how to delight a customer.”
  • Deming Is Still Right by Ron Ulrici – “Deming never beat around the bush or minced his words. I sure miss him: ‘In practice, annual ratings are a disease, annihilating long-term planning, demobilizing teamwork, nourishing rivalry and politics, leaving people bitter, crushed…'”
  • Leadership styles and lean by Tony Wong – “The different characteristics of leadership are just like the different numbers of golf club. It is hard to say which kind of leadership is the best or worst. When we implement the lean transformation, we should select the suitable kind of leadership to lead the Kaizen according to the” need
  • Building a Great Workforce by John Hunter – “Going to visit the gemba, the actual place is incredibly important, and far too often ignored by managers today. The emphasis on life long learning (in practice, not just words) is also very wise.”

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