Mount Timpanogos Trail, Utah Photos

Photo on the Mount Timpanogos Trail by John Hunter

In 2007, I kept failing to plan for a vacation, finally I just booked some tickets to Utah without much of a plan. And still had done little to plan as I departed. So I bought some travel books and started on the trip while I was figuring out where I should go. I did know Utah offers amazing hiking options and I found many great hikes that made for a great trip.

The first day of the trip began in Salt Lake City and then a visit to Antelope Island State Park in the Great Salt Lake. The next day I hiked the Mount Timpanogos Trail (where the photos on this page are from). The following morning I enjoyed the Timpanogos Cave National Monument. The Mount Timpanogos area is about an hour from Salt Lake City. My trip continued to the Dinosaur National Monument. Once I add more of the photos to my travel site, I will add a new post here.

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Photo on the Mount Timpanogos Trail by John Hunter
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