Management Blog Posts From October 2005

photo of Bill Hunter and George Box

  • Box on Quality – Read articles by George Box on quality management principles (SPC, Deming, process improvement, six sigma, etc.). An except from the book provides a table of contents and an introduction. The photos shows George Box and Bill Hunter.
  • Manufacturing and the Economy – I would guess China #1 and USA #2 in manufacturing in the year 2025. It is hardly a failure to be the second largest manufacturing country in the world. And there is plenty that could go wrong in China and cause it to slip and not catch the United States.
  • Marketing in a Lean Company – The company needs to be viewed as one interdependent system not independent departments. The system needs to be optimized as a whole. And that means optimizing the overall system not optimizing the individual departments independently.
  • Deming’s Ideas at Markey’s Audio Visual – Doesn’t charge internally: Indianapolis looses money, they own the high end equipment used by the other offices. 215 employees $30 million in business (about $3 million before Deming). Commission pay – after 10 people attended Deming seminar they stopped using commission No performance reviews – they do have an annual conversation. No ranking or rating.
  • Toyota Engineers a New Plant: the Living Kind – Many organizations talk a good game but one of the things that separates companies like Toyota is that they actually execute based on their expressed vision.
  • Management Training Program – Reading “Because I know everything” brings to mind an arrogant blowhard to many in America (I think)… But when someone has worked (a Toyota executive or a baker) for 40+ years in the same area those words can have quite a different meaning than when a 31 year old MBA uses them.
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