Management Improvement Carnival #40

Mark Graban is hosting the Management Improvement Carnival #40. Mark recently authored a new book, Lean Hospitals. Health care highlights from this carnival include:

  • Hospital Error – Heparin in the news again (The Lean Thinker Blog): “I am reasonably certain that the two workers who went on “voluntary leave” (yeah, right) will absorb more than their share of blame as the system solves the problem by asking the “Five Who?” questions.”
  • Management 101, 201, 301, and 401 (Paul Levy – Running a Hospital): “The only role of management is to create an environment where people left to their own devices and unsupervised are most likely to engage in behavior that advances the goals of the organization.”
  • Why I Work In Healthcare (Lee Fried – Daily Kaizen): “Great people that were trying to work in a broken system.”
  • Competing Podcast Interview with Mark Graban (Dwight Bowen – Lean Thinking Network): “Most everyone has been aware of the increasing costs of healthcare – the general public is recently becoming more aware of the patient safety and quality risks they face in a hospital. And these are all problems that can be addressed with Lean.”
  • 5S, Poka-Yoke, and Visual Controls (Bryan Lund – TWI Blog): “I need a visual control to tell me if the standard is met, in order to avoid mistakes or failure.”

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