Management Improvement Carnival #39

  • “Certifications” – Buying Credibility? by Mark Rosenthal – “if you are looking for your own professional development, and look at a program for what it is: An academic education, and possibly an opportunity to establish professional network, then go for it. Just don’t go in believing that ‘being certified’ means a whole lot else.”
  • Toyota Invests In Workers Instead of Laying Them Off by Mark Graban – “You can treat people as expendable costs or an asset to train and invest in. Even as Toyota’s truck sales have plummeted, are they resorting to layoffs? Nope!!”
  • Quality, Productivity and Competitive Position by John Dowd – “I can still clearly hear his words, “There is no substitute for knowledge.” The knowledge is there in the pages of his book. It needs only to be extracted and acted on.”
  • Deer Poka Yokes by Mike Gardner – “if the deer would just follow the operation standard and flow with the traffic instead of attempting to flow at right angles to it, all of this could be avoided”
  • Too Bad, So Sad by Kevin Meyer – “Like most companies that try to implement lean, it appears that the second pillar, respect for people, was forgotten. Therefore most of the potential benefit was lost.”
  • Projects vs. Process Improvement – “By taking a project as opposed to process improvement approach it is very hard to make performance visible and understand the effect improvement interventions are having or will have.”
  • We Do Not Make What We Do Not Sell by Jon Miller – “Production control is a comprehensive activity of planning, organizing production and related activities including purchasing, managing inventory and production cost controls”
  • Age and the Entrepreneur by Paul Kedrosky – “People founding tech companies over the last ten years had an average and median age of 39-years, nowhere near the age that makes for good stories about dorm room entrepreneurs”
  • Queue Management by Mark – “the measurement of ‘on time’ is ‘pull away from the gate’ not “leave the ground” so in order to get an ‘on time’ departure, they will load the plane as scheduled, then go sit on the tarmac rather than delaying the passenger load. A great example of ‘management by measurement’ not getting exactly the intended results.”
  • Free Download – Chapter 1 of “Lean Hospitals” by Mark Graban
  • Better Meetings by John Hunter – Document decisions on a flip chart that everyone can see in the meeting and then email everyone the decisions.
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