Toyota’s Commitment

From Toyota’s blog, Living Up to Our Commitment (the broken link was removed)

We’ve received reports that on a small number of model-year 1995 to 2000 Tacomas, excessive corrosion of the frame has caused perforation of the metal. The reason for this, it appears, is that the frames of some of the 813,000 vehicles built during this time-frame may not have adequate corrosion protection.

Because of our oft-stated commitment to standing behind our products, we’re extending the rust-perforation warranty covering these trucks for a period of 15 years from each vehicle’s original date of purchase, with no mileage limitation, for corrosion damage that results in perforation of the vehicle’s frame material. Owners of these Tacomas need not be the original owners. Even if you bought your Tacoma second- or third-hand, it’s covered by this extended warranty.

Once again Toyota shows what it means to go beyond the traditional way of thinking (where often MBA bean-counters and lawyers decide what should be done) instead of someone interested in having the company actually live up to a higher mission. From a previous post on their blog:

The Toyota Way is a management philosophy involving 14 principles that is the essence of the DNA of our organization and really all those who make up the company. In its basic form, the Toyota Way boils down to two fundamental practices: Respect for People and Continuous Improvement.

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4 thoughts on “Toyota’s Commitment

  1. Stephen Edwards

    Reading this entry reminds me of why I am so proud to be working for Toyota. Although I do not work for the automobile sector I believe the same pride and "lets do it the right way" mentality still permeates our daily work.

  2. Mythili Murthy

    I bought a New Toyota Corolla in June of 2006…I have had regular services for 5K, 15K, 30K and 45K at the dealership apart from my oil change every 3000 miles…When it was around 5,000 miles, the rim on the car tire had to be replaced, but we have warranty on the wheels and also an extended warranty…when I went in for my 45 K service, I was told that the brakes had gone (I had no symptoms)… and everything else was fine…When I noticed, after 3 days, the AC was not working…I took it back to Toyota who said it will be a charge of $100.00 to inspect…Then they came back saying the AC was completely gone and had to be replaced and would cost $600.00 after discounting the $100.00 for check up…I then took the car to the showroom where I bought the car trying to get a second opinion. This time I got unlucky and they said every Toyota showroom estimate was different and then gave me an invoice for $792.047…Now, the AC is all fixed, its a week, my car suddenly starts slowing down on a free way, and when I take the exit, that’s when it completely shuts off and wouldn’t start…It had to be towed home…The next day, towed it back to the dealer who said it was a Manufacturer defect and fixed it at no cost…But all this with this car has made me get very paranoid as to when, what can go wrong…Well, it hurts When you buy a new car with all kinds of warranty only to find out none of the above is covered and also no Peace of Mind…
    Thanks & Regards.

  3. The Same thing happened to the person I refered to my local dealer. I have a 2005 toyota sienna and its ok but the quality is not there like it was with my old pick up in 87. This one off the bat I have had to replace 4 tires, lights, wipers, brakes, the screw that holds up the flat broke off, also inside moldings have had there plastic screws fall out and the pieces fall off, also the windows have also fallan off their track. Now we are also an owner of a 200 tacoma with rot damage as in the previous artical and while my husband swares by Toyota, his truck has been somewhat ok, I am very very weary about getting another…

  4. What does the inspection entail. How extensive does the rust damage have to
    be before Toyota will reimburse an owner. The frame of my 1998 Tacoma has major
    rust holes just in front of the leaf spring bracket on the pass. side. I live
    in Northeast Pennsylvania and rust is a way of life, but not to the extent
    that it has affected my frame in this short amount of time. I have driven
    Chevy and GMC trucks before, some over 20 years old and have never had the frame go
    to pieces like this one has. I am very, very disappointed.


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