Management Improvement Carnival #28

Please submit your favorite management posts to the carnival. Read the previous management carnivals.

  • Freedom = Success (And not the other way around) by Polly LaBarre – “we’re literally laboring under a myth (namely, time put in + physical presence + elbow grease = RESULTS). Our assumptions about how work works, where we work, and when we work are relics of the industrial age.”
  • The Hidden Factory: Would the Customer Pay for That? by Peter Abilla – “most companies are glad that they do not have to reveal how their product or service is created, for fear of their inefficient processes and wasteful operations revealed to the customer.”
  • We Need More Slogans! by Brian Tingley – “We used to have a slogan a year, sort of a focus on one issue. But now, we produce a new slogan every week. And what’s the result? We have a declining safety record.”
  • Some Questions for Managers by Mark Graban – “Do you label those who speak up and identify problems (those asking for help) as trouble-makers?”
  • Notes from the Book – Four Days with Dr Deming by Scott Hassler – “Special causes can be fixed by the people implementing the process via such things as training. Common causes need to be fixed by changing the process.”
  • Data is like Art by Mike Wroblewski – “I just assumed once data is proven that the data becomes fact and everyone can move forward in agreement… Facts are facts, right? Not so fast, my friends. It is not that simple.”
  • Value of a Model Line by Lee Fried – “a Model Line is a tool organization uses to take a part of an organization and apply Lean thinking, tools and principles deeply in order to increase the rate of transformation”
  • 16 More Ways to See Motion Waste when Standing in the Circle by Jon Miller – “After standing and watching an operator work for an hour, you may run out of ideas. In this case what you need are more ways to find the muda in manual work.”
  • Creating Jobs – Improve Quality —> Costs decrease —> Productivity Improves —> Capture the market with better quality and lower price —> Stay in Business —> Provide jobs and more jobs
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