Management Improvement Carnival #22

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  • How Many People Did You Cut? by Mike Wroblewski – “As lean thinkers, we should focus on our growth strategy. With a growth strategy, we reassign people from kaizen to perform other tasks that add value to our customer.” (this is so important – lean companies do not have layoffs, companies lead by poor mangers do- John)
  • Do You Understand the System of Profound Knowledge? by Jon Miller – “People will perform as well or as poorly as the system will allow them to, and this is a major reason that why-based problem solving organizations will increasingly trump who-based problem solving organizations.”
  • Deployment Strategy and Knowledge Exchange by Matt LeVeque – “The cultural benefit to applying a catchball mentality is that by keeping everyone on the team engaged in the process and the ideas flowing freely between online marketing channels, you begin to develop a learning organization”
  • Lean Transport: Buses vs. Light Rail by Dan Markovitz – “30% fewer cars? Less traffic? Fast, cheap, mass transit? Public money freed up for other, more productive uses? Sounds lean to me.”
  • “Packaging” is spelled M-U-D-A by Mark Rosenthal – “In other words, set up a barrier that contains the waste so that your value-adding operation sees the result of a perfect supplier.”
  • Iowa Wants Government to be Lean by Ralph Bernstein – “It is not my intent to discuss whether the Iowa plan is the best possible approach. I simply want to note that it is more than a lot of other government entities are doing. I applaud their efforts.”
  • Setting the Context by Lee Fried – “As most of you know, you cannot implement a Hoshin System without simulatiously embedding Lean thinking into all employees. Without both you will simple create a system of management by objective”
  • L.A.M.E. Strikes in Virginia by Mark Graban – “The factory there has 600 employees and is getting new business… it’s too bad they can’t use Lean to grow without increasing headcount instead of relying on layoffs to cut costs.”
  • Mozilla Corporation by Bob Sutton – “But Mitchell still strikes me as an intriguing alternative model for leadership, as her vision is so different from tradition approaches – which I think is why she has been the right person to steer Mozilla through such deeply weird times.”
  • But Where Are the Fasteners? by Kevin Meyer – “But in the end you still have to make the product in order to create value for the customer. And even with incredibly complex products created by incredibly complex (but unnecessary?) supply chains, you still must keep an eye on even the smallest part… like a fastener.”
  • Bringing Lean Principles to Service Industries by John Hunter – Iteration is important in proper use of the PDSA cycle – many quick iterations are much better than one long slow one. And for software application development iteration is an excellent strategy.
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