Management Improvement Carnival #21

Please submit your favorite management posts to the carnival. Read the previous management carnivals.

  • Leadership by Ron Pereira – “5. Learn. I recently discussed the importance of having mentors in your life. I also believe it is important for a leader to continue learning him/herself.”
  • Prioritizing the Elimination of the 7 Types of Waste by Jon Miller – “Priority #1. Overproduction is the worst of the wastes because a) it multiplies the other 6 wastes, and b) it hides your true capacity, thereby causing you to make bad decisions such as turn work away or invest in unnecessary additional capacity.”
  • Kanban boards in software development by Scott Miller – “This also empowers the development team to be a “pull” system. A developer can pull a card from the “To Do” column and work on it. The project manager can see what the status is at any moment.”
  • A series of post on My Visit with the Lean Dentist by Mark Graban – “Pull: I did see the famous ‘kanban cards‘ for pulling resources to the patient, whether it is a dentist or a hygenist. There were times I was talking with Dr. Bahri and there came the kanban card.”
  • Critical chains: a decade later by Bill Harris – “Don’t work on something just because you think you have to keep busy or be more efficient or productive. Ensure you have excess capacity in all the feeding paths to keep the constraint (the critical chain) busy”
  • Where to Start Improvement by Dave Nave – “The question of where to start improvement is not an ‘either/or’ choice of top-down or bottom-up approach. The place to start is both.”
  • Why Parker Gets It by Kevin Meyer – Hats off to Parker for another great year. That kind of commitment to the customer almost makes us want to run out and buy their product… even if we don’t need it!
  • Jeff Bezos on Lean and Six Sigma by Peter Abilla – quote of Jeff Bezos: “Something we haven’t talked about, but that is super important in our culture, is the focus on defect reduction and execution. It’s one of the reasons that we have been successful for customers. That is something I had to learn about.”

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